German Smart TV brand METZ launches Google TV


In New Delhi, on 08th July 2022 SmartTV brand METZ launched a bundle of smart TV in India this Google TV offers the finest Viewing Experience with Metz Eye care to resolve the problem of Flickering & Harmful blue light to protect the eye.

Metz eye care:


It uses current dimming to directly eliminate flicker, while ordinary TVs need to adjust brightness by constantly turning the backlight on and off.

Low Blue Light

It adopts special bulbs, which can effectively reduce the emission of harmful blue light in the 415nm-455nm band.

Light-sensitive Screen Adjustment

It offers built-in intelligent photosensitive hardware that simulates the human eyes to monitor the ambient light and darkness in real-time and intelligently adjusts the screen brightness.

Health Platform

Health Platform has night mode, eye protection and Auto volume control functions that would help you watch TV healthier.

  • Auto Volume Control
  • Eye Protection
  • Night Mode

METZ smart TV is equipped with the latest technologies, such as Chameleon Extreme 2.0 Al PQ Engine It lights up the world trochilus extreme processor ins the picture quality improvement technology and it has higher color depth, a wider dynamic range, and stronger color expression to perform more colorful and vivid image. The new Google TV browses content from across your apps & intelligently organizes them just for you.

Google TV primarily combines streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video into a common streamlined user interface. Therefore, you can watch all your favorite shows on a single platform. The Metz Google TV is offering display sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches as the demand for bigger screens is increasing. The other noticeable features include Eye Care Technology & Flicker free feature To protect the viewer’s eyes, Hands-Free Voice Control, Built-in Mic, Film Maker Mode a real cinema experience at home, HDR 10, and Dolby Digital Plus & DTS Tru Surround sound.

“The introduction of Google TVs will represent our credible partnership with Google, said Mr. Rocky Chen, Managing Director of METZ India. He added, “I am confident that people in India will have a more delightful TV experience with these sets that help users to find the content they love. India is our focused market and we will be focusing on the best offerings and bigger screen sizes such as 75 & 86 inch Google TV for our India consumers. I am very excited for customer reviews and feedback.”