Middle East’s First Passenger-Drone Trials Launch in Abu Dhabi

drone trials take place in Abu Dhabi

In line with Abu Dhabi’s vision to consolidate its leading position as a friendly and enabling city for the smart mobility sector, the inaugural Abu Dhabi Mobility Week, held in Abu Dhabi from 24 April until 1 May 2024, witnessed the introduction of the first passenger-carrying drone trials in the Middle East.

Multi Level Group (MLG), a pioneering provider of advanced automation and digital transformation solutions, in association with Abu Dhabi Mobility, presented an exhibition of its cutting-edge technology, including two test flights. The first featured a five-seater drone capable of travelling for more than 25km, with payload up to 350kg, while the second involved a small-sized drone, capable of carrying two passengers and travelling for up to 35km for a duration of approximately 20 minutes.

drone trials take place in Abu Dhabi

This milestone represents a significant addition to Abu Dhabi’s track record of achievements in this crucial sector, as it continues to consolidate its position as a global hub for transportation solutions and smart and autonomous vehicles, utilising its advanced infrastructure in the field of artificial intelligence technologies and smart and autonomous vehicles.

Abu Dhabi has continued its efforts to shape the future of smart and sustainable mobility, providing an inspiring model globally by nurturing strategic partnerships, attracting industry-leading companies and innovators from around the world, providing facilities and incentives, and launching initiatives and programmes to explore and develop smart and autonomous sustainable mobility solutions across the sustainable mobility sector, contributing to development of an integrated ecosystem across land, air and sea transportation.

This position is underpinned by the Smart and Autonomous Vehicles Industries (SAVI) cluster at Masdar City, which contributes to advancing progress and innovation in this field, further consolidating the emirate’s leading position as a friendly and enabling city for the smart and sustainable transportation sector.

drone trials take place in Abu Dhabi

Held at the Advanced Mobility Hub in collaboration with Emirates Falcons Aviation, the event unveiled MLG’s diverse array of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAVs), showcasing their versatility and innovation in the realm of aviation.

The highlight of the event was the debut flight of a groundbreaking passenger-carrying drone, marking a historic moment as the first-ever eVTOL flying event in Al Ain City.

This milestone was accompanied by an unprecedented achievement as the five-seater drone embarked on a record-setting flight duration of 40 minutes, covering an expansive area spanning 123km, which is the longest recorded drone flight. As the eVTOL soared through the skies, it displayed the UAE’s name, creating a spectacle that captured the imagination of onlookers.

The event featured a comprehensive lineup of MLG’s autonomous aerial vehicles, including eVTOLs and surveillance drone systems, with demo flights that underscored the sophistication and reliability of the technology.

From inter and intra-city passenger eVTOL taxis to light and heavy cargo logistics eVTOLs, attendees witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of MLG’s innovative solutions in revolutionising transportation and logistics.

Celebrated luminaries from various segments of society, esteemed dignitaries, government officials, and distinguished defence personnel were present.

Mohamed Hamad Al Dhaheri, a Board Member of MLG, made history by boarding the demo flight of the fully autonomous intra-city eVTOL, marking a significant milestone as the first of its kind in the Middle East.

Al Dhahiri said: “Being part of this historic moment is truly exhilarating. The seamless integration of technology and aviation represents a significant leap forward for our nation, and as an Emirati I am proud to be a part of it.”

Abu Dhabi-based MLG is a leading innovative and advanced company in the aviation industry, with a shared vision of utilising its innovative solutions to contribute to shaping the future of mobility through advanced technology and collaborative partnerships.