Shine Your Kitchen with Exciting Dishwasher Deals on Amazon

Dishwasher products sales on amazon

Who likes washing dishes? As much as we appreciate the foodie in us, the more elaborate the menu goes, the more pain-staking is the task of cleaning bulky utensils. These keep piling up in our kitchens and become a stressful and a challenging affair. What if a machine automatically does all of that for you! The advancements in technology have made our lives convenient. Save yourself from all the hustle, ditch the old-fashioned sponge and switch to modern dishwasher technology with’s wide range across brands such as Voltas, Bosch, IFB, Crompton, Godrej and more.

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For convenient dishwashing choose from the top brands listed below:

●        Voltas Beko 8 Place Settings Table Top Dishwasher: Spaces or no spaces, it fits right in. Comes with 6 wash programs including intensive, normal, eco, glassware, clean & shine, and mini 30 program. It is suitable for all kinds of utensils in the Indian kitchen with water consumption of 8 liters per cycle. Get this on for INR 17,490 onwards

●        Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher: This dishwasher is designed for Indian kitchens as it can easily fit all types of utensils. It comes with 6 wash programs & 3 options such as the intensive kadhai program, express sparkle program for saving time, the half load option for fewer utensils and extra dry option for better drying efficiency. Get this on for INR 42,490 onwards

●        IFB 12 Place Settings ‎Hot Water Wash Free Standing Dishwasher: Rethink dishwashing with IFB Dishwasher, the most reputable brand with more than 25 years of experience. It has a smart sensor that identifies food particles automatically and modifies the program length and intensity accordingly. Special features include 70°C Hot water wash for tough stains and hygienic steam drying. Get this on for INR 39,490 onwards

●        Godrej Eon 13 Place setting Dishwasher: All steam, no stains. Now one can do dishes better with the steam wash technology. This technology is tough on stubborn food stains while being gentle on the dishes. The dishwasher can operate even during high temperatures coupled with direct steam application ensuring greater hygiene and gentle cleaning for all types of utensils including delicate like glass. Works on eco mode to use as little as 9 liters of water and lesser energy in case of smaller loads. Get this on for INR 19,890 onwards

●        Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher: This dishwasher comes with 6 washing programs such as intensive, self-clean, eco, 90 minimum, glass and rapid, suitable for up to 6 members. It heats water up to 69°C, which helps in removing germs and bacteria and washes away stains easily. With a host of energy-efficient features, Faber dishwashers simplify your life while reducing electricity consumption, saving energy while not just cleaning, but also while drying. Get this on for INR 23,990 onwards

●        Crompton Voila 14 Place Freestanding Dishwasher: It is one of the most hygienic dishwashers that is perfect for the Indian cooking style and comes with stainless steel inner tube for hygiene & durability, efficient drying with SuperActive drying technology, fastest A-class wash with quick cleaning, low energy consumption, and saves upto 85% of water as compared to handwash. Get this on for INR 37,990 onwards

●        Midea 13 Place Setting Standard Dishwasher: Deep clean all the heaviest soiled kadhais, dishes, and other utensils, with the highly effective and efficient dishwasher that helps in removing up to 99.99% bacteria. It comes with a flexible rack system including a versatile cutlery basket, foldable flip tines, height-adjustable upper basket, foldable cup shelf & removable cutlery rack, allowing you to stack multiple utensils. Get this on for INR 19,900 onwards

●        Hafele Aqua Mini, 8 Place Settings Countertop Dishwasher: This freestanding dishwasher is hygienic and a quiet alternative to your regular washing. It has an 8-place setting, active clean technology, and is ideal for daily needs. It comes with built-in programs which provide you with the flexibility of washing your dishes depending on their material and how soiled they are. It also has a specially designed glass care program for delicate glassware and an intensive program to take care of the toughest stains on your pots and kadhais. Get this on for INR 22,990 onwards

●        Havells-Lloyd Puro Hygiene+ with Auto Open Dry;15 Place Settings Dishwasher: Comes with India’s first auto dry technology. The door opens automatically and through suction of outside air dries even the minutest of moisture left giving 100% perfect drying. This Dishwasher washes at 65 °C (hot wash) which kills all germs and bacteria giving a hygienic wash every time compared to hand washing. The water spray arms rotate 360° uni directional hence giving deep cleaning and removes the toughest grease and residue left with ease. Get this on for INR 29,990 onwards

●        AmazonBasics 6 Place Setting Dishwasher: Comes with 6 wash programs such as Intensive for heavily soiled crockery (like kadhai); Normal for normally soiled loads; ECO, a special program for saving water and electricity; Glass, for lightly soiled crockery and glass; 90 minute, for normally soiled loads that need a shorter wash and rapid, a quick wash for lightly soiled loads that do not need drying. Get this on for INR 13,490 onwards

●        Whirlpool 14 Place Settings Dishwasher: Experience power, cleaning and drying in just 1 hour with flexible loading solutions of upto 14 place settings. The dishwasher provides great usage flexibility, customized loading and a modular third basket for easy cleaning of taller and wider items like kadhais and cookers. Powerclean pro technology uses high-pressure spray nozzles on the rear of the dishwasher that removes the toughest stains and oil from the utensils. Get this on for INR 28,490 onwards

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