7 Gmail hacks that will save you hundreds of hours of your life


The most powerful email app is Gmail But most of us aren’t using it to its full potential. Here are 7 tips that’ll save you hundreds of hours of your life.

These hacks will help you to grow

Hack #1: Undo that email you just sent. Ever had that sinking feeling right after you press send? Undo it before disaster strikes: • Setting icon (top right) • Settings>General • Toggle on ‘undo send’ • Choose 30 secs Next time you send an email the ‘undo’ button will appear.

Undo send

Hack #2: Send your email later. Want to make it look like you’re at your desk at 0800? Now you can do exactly that: • Click the down arrow next to ‘Send’ • Choose ‘Schedule Send’ • Pick the date + time you want Sit back + relax.

Hack #3: Prep your replies. Sick of typing out the same replies again + again? You don’t have to. • Enable first in Settings>Advanced>Enable templates • Draft your email • Click the 3 dots • Save as template Next time, use that template to save yourself time.

Hack #4: Search for messages. Need to find an old message? The search function makes this easy. Type into the search box: • from:x or to:x for the person • after:x or before:x for the date • size:x for large emails • has: attachment Combine the terms to fine-tune your search.

Hack #5: Ignore those annoying conversations. In an email thread where everyone keeps using ‘reply all’? Mute it to stop it from distracting you:

• Open the email • Click the 3 dots at the top • Click mute Future replies will be archived (but you can still find them if needed).

Hack #6: Use shortcuts. Instead of moving around your desktop, save yourself time by using keyboard shortcuts. Add a cc, format text, insert links + more.

• Settings • All settings>General • Keyboard shortcuts – on Learn your favorite shortcuts.

Hack #7: Snooze an email. Have an email that you don’t need to deal with now? Set a reminder for later: • Click on the clock icon on the right • Choose how long you want to snooze the email It’ll appear back in your inbox on that date.

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