How Social Media’s Live Streaming Feature Generating Income?


We know Social Media is now a trending word around the globe and you are still curious to get more details about it, but what would it look like if social media not only provided a platform for entertainment and connection but also empowered creators and talent across the world? What if instead of spreading content and noise, social media lifted under-privileged people out of poverty?

We are sharing top 5 streaming applications building employment opportunities in India:

YouTube has a channel membership plan that permits creators to own a channel and make regularly scheduled payments with their content. To open your channel on YouTube, you must be in the YouTube Partner Program and meet extra all the prerequisites.

The creator economy provides a path to self-expression and an avenue to monetize content for millions around the globe. These and many more applications have recognized the value that can be brought to communities by empowering creators and are committed to being more than just a social media platform. By empowering individuals to pursue their dreams in music, drama, TV, fashion, and beyond, they are making a difference in the lives of creators around the world.


Uplive is a live video social platform and the largest independent social video app in the world that lets users livestream and connect with their viewers. It works on a plan of action where engaging content; community building remains closely connected. Creators on Uplive make lakhs of rupees each month, and fans additionally contribute to it through virtual gifts and likes.


Metaverse including Facebook and Instagram offers broadcasters to do live streaming on a topic, an event, Q&A, or anything else. It permits live discussions from any place all over the planet basically, utilizing the application. Adding a donate button and in-stream promotions to the live streaming can assist with fund-raising for a purpose as well as adapt live recordings as a career.


Twitch has a paid membership program that allows you to procure from paid memberships when you become an Affiliate or a Partner. Your viewers get one membership free of charge through Twitch Prime, or they can pay for them utilizing PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Visas.



Makers on Eloelo earn through their live streaming where they connect with their viewers by facilitating local Indian games, which assists them with producing elo coins, that they can convert into real money. Creators need to level up their streaming every day and gradually create a community to produce income from their stream. One can easily make Rs. 2000 and more from the beginning via virtual gifts sent by their fans alone.