Samsung’s New Bespoke Jet Robotic Vacuum Clean 99.999% Dust

· The new range includes Bespoke Jet™, a sleek & stylish stick type vacuum cleaner, with an all-in-one Clean Station that delivers powerful and hygienic cleaning through a 99.999% multi-layered filtration system · Bespoke Jet™ is light and comes with chic design in two premium color options – Midnight Blue & Woody Green · With the new line-up, Samsung has forayed into robotic vacuum cleaners for the first time in India · Robotic Jet Bot+ comes with a LiDAR sensor-based navigation, a clean station, Wi-Fi control, and voice control


Samsung has launched its new range of premium vacuum cleaners in India, comprising The Bespoke Jet, a stick-type cordless vacuum, and the Robotic Jet Bot+. The vacuum cleaners are designed to provide effortless cleaning solutions and are customised for Indian consumers. The new range is designed to fit into modern households and offers a 99.999% dust-free cleaning* with a Multi-layered Filtration System.

The Bespoke range of vacuum cleaners comes with ultrachic designs that enhance the style quotient of indoor spaces. The Bespoke Jet offers an All-in-One Clean Station, which empties the dustbin and charges the vacuum cleaner automatically. The new range also boasts a 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System* and powerful cleaning capabilities of 210W suction capability.

The Bespoke Jet series incorporates the first-ever All-in-one clean station-based design that parks, charges, and cleans automatically. The vacuum cleaner also features an integrated digital display, a telescopic pipe, and a fully washable dustbin. The Robotic Jet Bot+ is Samsung’s first foray into robotic vacuum cleaners in India and is packed with cutting-edge innovations via intelligent solutions to optimise home cleaning routines. It comes with smart connectivity and control through the SmartThings app, voice recognition, and LiDAR sensor-based navigation.

The new line-up of vacuum cleaners is priced at INR 65,900 onwards and will be available on, Samsung Exclusive Stores, the new Samsung Shop App, and leading online stores, such as Amazon. According to Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President of, Consumer Electronics Business, at Samsung India, “Our new line-up of vacuum cleaners has been designed to address consumer needs for hygiene and convenience along with great aesthetics and best-in-class technology. With our Bespoke Jet™ and Jet Bot+ vacuum cleaners, we are confident to improve the lifestyle of consumers by making cleaning more convenient.”

The Bespoke Jet™ Series and Jet Bot+ come with the All-in-One Clean Station, which keeps a user’s space hygienic while cleaning. When docked, the All-in-One Clean Station empties the dustbin and also automatically charges the vacuum cleaner at the same time. A 99.999% Multi-layered Filtration System* ensures that only clean air is released from the station.

The Bespoke Jet™ Series incorporates the first-ever All-in-one clean station-based design which parks, charges, and cleans automatically. Bespoke Jet™ also features a lightweight design that makes the cleaning process more convenient. The Robotic Jet Bot+ navigation technology is based on LiDAR sensors, which accurately track the robot’s location by scanning a room to gather distance information. Users can control and monitor the Jet Bot+ remotely using the SmartThings app on their smartphones.