Five Smart Gadget Solutions Necessary for the New Normal


As humans faced different crises through evolution, technological advancement has always given us an edge against the challengesSmarter and newer technological solutions have risen out of difficult situations, making human life more convenient and productive. Smart devices and technologies not only help ease our work but also enhance our personality and lifestyle. As we prepare to create a new normal, post-covid, here are some smart solutions which can be used in our everyday lives.

Thomson 65”inch smarTV

Smart TVs – Television has been a major source of entertainment and connects different generations in the same home. Having greatly evolved through the years, smart TVs are now our smart windows to the world. Nowadays, all smart TVs are equipped with in-built Wi-Fi, making it efficient, connectable, and faster than normal televisions. Smart TVs are used to stream shows and movies while also enabling us to view apps and services like Netflix, YouTube, etc. The newest trend in the segment is the 8K television, capable of harnessing Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, and Samsung’s 8K QLED Y20 model, powered by MediaTek, is the world’s first such smart TV. The TV supports Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and provides seamless entertainment, with smoother streaming, and gaming experiences. To make the TV even smarter, switch to the MediaTek-powered Amazon Fire Stick which delivers a vast variety of channels, shows and movies. (Price range – 12,499 INR to over 60,000 INR)

Smart Collaboration solutions – As we prepare for the new normal, one concept that is gaining importance is that of the hybrid workspace. People will continue working from home, at least part-time while collaborating with colleagues in the office, or at remote locations. This creates the need for a solution that enables seamless and secure collaboration, like Barco’s ClickShare Conference. A plug-and-play solution, ClickShare Conference permits hosts to hold conference calls from their personal devices, using conferencing solutions of their choice (e.g. Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, etc) and also connects to the equipment already available in the meeting space. (Price range – 1,75,000 INR to 2,75,000 INR)

Smart Lights – As we spend more and more time at home, it is important that we optimise technology to enhance our daily lives. With different technology advancements, smart lights have greatly contributed towards brightening the home. From subdued yellow bulbs to shiny lighting, smart lights have made lives more convenient. Efficient and sustainable, smart lights sync with users’ smartphones and are easy to control. Philips delivers a vast variety of smart lights, from normal LED Bulbs to smart Wi-Fi LED lighting bulbs, equipped with the feature of app or voice control. These smart lights also have automated lighting schedules to suit users’ lifestyles. (Price range – 699 INR to over 2,000 INR)

 Smart Speakers – Previously, speakers were only used for listening to music. With the advent of smart speakers, like the Amazon Echo Dot powered by MediaTek, users can now control and delegate a variety of tasks to their voice assistants. Equipped with voice recognition feature and connected to the internet, smart speakers allow users to control all their smart devices from a centralised hub, making life more convenient and improving productivity and efficiency. (Price range – 3,999 INR to over 19,000 INR)

Smart Watches – The pandemic has increased our focus on health and fitness and smart watches are the perfect companions to improve our lifestyles. Smart watches have features like fitness trackers and health monitors that ensure users stay on track. These watches also sync with smartphones and act as travel buddies. Popular smart watches include Apple’s iWatch and Xiaomi’s Smart watch and these provide a full package of multifunctional features and amazing work accessibility. (Price range – 3,000 INR to over 10,000 INR)