Hi our lovely readers we have bring gadgets which you can gift to your father on Father’s Day

  1. Personal Space Cooler (Flipkart Rs. 1,999)

This Evaporative Cooler pulls warm air from the room through its water channel to fill any space with cool and clean air. Fill the water, plug it into any standard divider outlet or USB port and enjoy. It keeps running as long as 8 hours for every fill. This cooler enables you to make your very own atmosphere. The quiet and calm fan and serene night light make it immaculate to use for the duration of the night for a comfortable sleep. It is great for pads, reading nooks, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, and more. It is lightweight and portable and proves convenient for travel. It’s incredible for outside as well! This individual space air cooler really cools the air around you, when you need it most while using the size and power consumption of a small fan. Find it here on flipkart:



  1. Electric Wine Bottle Opener (Gizmobaba.com Rs. 1,699)


Gizmobaba’s Wine Opener Gadget quickly and effortlessly removes corks from your wine bottles. Just place on the neck of the bottle, and it does all of the work like MAGIC!

When gathering with friends, it’s nice to be able to keep the wine flowing without having to retreat to the kitchen to open more bottles. This convenient, portable electric bottle opener can be kept close at hand, wherever the party ends up-in the living room, out on the back deck, or by the pool. The electric bottle opener offers a cordless design and enough power to effortlessly remove the cork from any bottle of wine in seconds. Simply attach it to any traditional wine bottle, push the button, and it takes care of the rest. Other highlights include a comfortable soft-grip handle, and a sleek modern design that will add a touch of sophistication to any party.

Find it here on Gizmobaba.com : https://www.gizmobaba.in/product/509798/gb243-gizmobaba-electric-automatic-wine-opener-corkscrew-gadget-see-video/


  1. Self-stirring Mug (Amazon.in Rs.499)

Take the strain out of stirring with the Self-Stirring Mug. No need to grab a teaspoon and stir, simply press the button and all the hard work is done for you. It’s the ultimate idle drinking accessory! The Self-Stirring mug is also insulated and comes with a non-spill lid to keep your drink warm for ages, what more can you ask from a mug? It’s perfect for tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even most soups.

Find it on Amazon.in here: https://www.amazon.in/Bonbury-Automatic-Stainless-Blender-Stirring/dp/B07KW7X6S9/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=self+stirring+mug&qid=1555936959&s=kitchen&sr=1-5

4. Room Dehumidifier (Gizmobaba.com Rs. 1,999)

This Gizmobaba Dehumidifier Gadget efficiently removes dampness, moisture and humidity from the air to keep your room dry and smelling fresh. A little humidity makes the air comfortable. However, excessive humidity makes the environment extremely uncomfortable. We are prone to excessive sweating when the weather is very humid. It also puts a heavy load on air conditioners, as humid air takes much longer to cool and is still uncomfortable. It Extracts up to 250ml of moisture per day, It has a Large 500ml capacity water tank and an Auto-Off and LED indicator when full.

Find it here on Gizmobaba.com: https://www.gizmobaba.in/product/509801/gb246-gizmobaba-room-dehumidifier-gadget-see-video/


5. Smart Bulbs


Smart bulbs are here and studies suggest that they are here to stay and are the first step towards home automation. The Internet of Things is no longer a distant dream and it reminds us that the future is already knocking on our doors.

The Halonix prime prizm smart 12-Watt LED bulb with Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) connectivity lets you control every aspect from your smart phone or tablet. Adjust the lighting as you want to set the right mood and atmosphere. Set your lighting no matter where you are in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet. Change the shade to a million colours and choose the tone to match your mood from the colour palette.

Find it here on Amazon.in : https://www.amazon.in/Halonix-Prime-Prizm-Rectangle-12-Watt/dp/B07NNHJPLT/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=smart+bulbs&qid=1555938873&s=kitchen&sr=1-6