Some interesting technology updates and trending mobile applications – What else can you do with your smartphone?


Recent technological advancements have shaped the globe and businesses. The pandemic has given birth to the new digital world wherein everything is available at the fingertips. It is very important for one to be updated with the latest trends as they change rapidly. 

Mobile applications are the handiest and useful tools on your smartphone and undoubtedly, they make life much easier. The statistics show that India is growing rapidly in the technology sector and booming with the rising app users. This is a sign of a rising economy and growth will be seen in every sector if things go digital with potential users rising day by day. 

The most popular apps include:

  • Gaming apps like Call of Duty, PUBG, etc
  • Fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, Daily Yoga, etc
  • News apps like Times of India, Inshorts
  • E-commerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart, etc 

Well, there is no end to innovation and most of the new mobile applications are a result of crazy ideas. Some of the latest buzzing mobile applications and updates happening around the corner are listed below:

 Some fun mobile applications to explore – try something different

Apart from applications that add comfort and value to your work and life, there are some fun apps that need to be explored. To attain a balance, these also carry equal significance in your smartphone. For example, if you like gambling or playing card games, then there is an opportunity namely “online casinos”. The  review for Royal Panda  is a nice source to select the suitable casino for you from the available new casinos online in India.  You may play, get rewarded and earn real money with a journey full of excitement.

Instant heart rate- Wonders of technology

Science and IT have flourished together in recent times. Nowadays there are so many apps like Blood Pressure monitor that keep a track of your health and recommend you various exercises that can be helpful. One of the most interesting and useful innovations is this Instant heart rate app. This wonderful app can measure your heart rate with your finger and your mobile camera. Apps like these add value to society that is unmatched.   

IFTTT- The platform you need

This fascinating innovation – “If This Then That” allows you to plan your activities on your smartphone. You can connect your social media, google account and services, and much more to save your time and achieve maximum efficiency. IFTTT can automatically execute numerous commands through its software. For example, if you want to share your Instagram updates on Twitter or change your wallpaper quickly, IFTTT does everything for you. You can explore a lot on this platform and adding it to your device is possibly the best idea. 

The innovations with AI and machine learning are evolving swiftly and are adding value to society. 

These were some of the latest trends in the mobile application world. Everything mentioned is worth exploring, so do give it a try!