Alluma, the cryptocurrency exchange for the emerging market of India, launches the Alluma Loyalty Program – a tiered membership plan for traders in the country


New Delhi, June 1, 2018: Alluma, the cryptocurrency exchange for the emerging Indian market, has announced the Alluma Loyalty Program, a first-of-its-kind tiered loyalty program for virtual currency traders in India and other emerging markets across Asia. The Alluma Loyalty Program has three tiers, Basic, Gold, and Platinum, with each level offering a unique set of benefits to members for a value-driven trading experience.

Basic membership to the program includes access to Alluma’s marketplace to buy, sell, and trade digital assets, along with a 25% discount in trading fees when members use the LUMA token. The Gold membership will entail a 24-hour response for customer support tickets, and a 35% discount on trading fees with the LUMA token. With the Platinum membership, traders can avail a discount of 50% when using the LUMA token, access 24×7 live support through online chat, access to select sponsored events, as well as early access to any new products launched by Alluma. Through this first-of-its-kind loyalty program for Indian cryptocurrency traders, Alluma aims to deliver a highly seamless and hassle-free experience for both experienced, as well new Indian cryptocurrency traders.

Mr. Akash Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Alluma said, “The Alluma Loyalty Program has been developed to overcome some of the limitations of existing platforms in India. These include a lack of adequate support to investors and exorbitant trading fees, which make it less appealing for new entrants to venture into buying and selling cryptocurrency or building portfolios. Our aim here is to provide something extra here on-top of our already strong offering to users in India. We know loyalty programs work in retail and digital businesses and we are confident it will be well-received by the crypto community across India and Asian emerging markets.”

Alluma will be the first institutional-grade platform in India, with a capacity to manage 1 million transactions per second. In addition, the platform’s user interface has been designed to make signing up for a new account and transacting on it really simple for crypto traders. In order to support its vision and power its enhanced cryptocurrency trading ecosystem, Alluma has launched its own utility token – LUMA, an ERC-20 compliant token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. LUMA will not only be a value-addition for traders within the exchange, but also power numerous aspects of the Alluma ecosystem.