5 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Online for Home


Today we are going to share with you those 5 products that you should not choose for your home. It is very easy to search online what product we should buy from online websites and stores near us but we barely find any useful articles on those products that we must avoid but you follow The Tech Love.

#1: Candes this company have many products and now they are selling their products on different online website like Flipkart, Amazon meshoo and their own website. This brand announced their brand ambassador name Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor this candles brand sales fans, cooler, washing machine, appliances, LED TV, water geyser, stabilizer but the product of this company are not good recently we tested water candes geyser 25 litre and within 6 month it started creating problems like many times it don’t heat water and within week it will stop working the real story starts when customer try to connect with their customer support. This brand has not a professional call center they are unresponsive and on their website have a dedicated section that calls register complaint once you fill your all the relevant informations related to the product and your personal details the customer think he/she might get a call back from the brand, but it would not happen they would not call and customer start complaining again and again a product is good when there customer service support is responsive this brand is not good as we have seen in our past experience.

Do not buy fancy celling fans

#2: If you are trying to redesign your home the first thing comes in our mind that is false ceiling fans there are several brands who are coming with attractive design and build quality that smart fans are also available in market though we haven’t tested them but we went with a very bad decision we got different products from luminous because they were looking very magnificent and after installing yours all fans they all started noise that noise which you cannot forget it calls tuk tuk tuk tuk we called to luminous customer care they are very responsive and their engineer visited within 2 days but unfortunately they are unable to solve our problem. The engineer is not certified from luminous he came through third party vendor but once that person unable to finish given task then he calls real Engineer from luminous and he also not able to solve our problem that was that noise it is suggestion don’t go with designs luminous fans are not good and it was biggest loss making deal for us.

Does Whirlpool make the best refrigerators?

#3- all though whirlpool is a big brand in India many celebrities used to promote their product earlier during cricket match and other daily soaps TV serials but now Whirlpool brand is not making good quality product and their body is very cheap. We ordered world tool refrigerator from Amazon and it was in very bad condition the build quality of that product was not up to the mark users should avoid this brand earlier they used to make good products that we are still using but there are lot of brands are coming in market and competition is high but this band cannot fulfill customer requirement and compromise in with build quality that is not expect from a good brand.

XECH Eye Massager with Heat Vibration Air Pressure

#4- Xech this company launched eye massager which works fine for barely one month and after that it started automatically turn off doesn’t support sometimes and don’t work usually this brand frequently launching different products in different categories but not making a single product that can stand it from other brands that is the problem many brands are doing nowadays we would not prepare this brand eye massager.

Philips Digital Photo Frame

5- We every day create memory whenever we capture a moments thorugh our smartphone camera. As a family memeber who don’t want to place a photo frame in the house. Our relatives and friends can see memories that we captured earlier but this Philips photo frame works good for mostly 3 to 4 months and then it’s power adaptor becomes slow it don’t give perfect output to frame and the most important part is the charging adaptor is not available nearby.